Herbalightonics is a full expression of my passion.  I have developed a system of products and modalities that help me to express my joy and to share it with the world.  Becoming a mother inspired my focus on alcohol-free yummy herbal extracts and invoked my interest in non- invasive essential oil remedies.  I am a certified herbalist and have been trained and certified in many sacred healing arts over the past 20 years.  I have combined all my years of training and listen to my guidance as I am instructed on how to create each tonic.  Co-creating in this way brings me a sense of unconditional love for myself and for all of creation.

Majorie Aukland

"In my quest to feel good I have accumulated a treasure trove of upliftment. It has become a game for me. The object is to find old habits of thought and replace them with better feeling ones. With practice this gets easier and easier and life just keeps getting better and better. Please join us in our fun on this sacred journey of co-creating heaven on earth one better feeling thought at a time."

                        From my heart to yours,

                          Marjorie Auckland