Stomach Comfort Oil

Stomach Comfort Oil

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“I trust that all is well in my world and I love myself.”

This comforting blend activates several reflexes throughout the digestive system. There is an instant messaging response of relaxation which produces enzymes that allow for new realities (thoughts and beliefs) to be comfortably digested, integrated, and utilized.

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These essential oils work together to relieve the intensity of symptoms of an upset stomach while supporting the internal networking system to correct itself at the origin of the dysfunction. This combination of oils when inhaled activates several responses upon the reflexes in the stomach, gastrointestinal track and the colon. There is an instant messaging response of relaxation and comfort within the digestive tract. If you are suffering with constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, gas or stomach cramping the essential oils will initiate the production of the digestive enzymes, relax the muscle spasms or combat the bacteria or parasites in the digestive tract. Stomach Comfort will mimic the digestive enzymes to ensure relief.