Miracle Oils

HERBALIGHTONICS  Miracle Oils are 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils with Ormus-infused grape seed oil.  We use the highest quality ingredients available from sustainable sources. These formulas are lovingly made in small batches to ensure the quality of vibration.

Miracle Oils go through a rare test called Molecular Cryptology. It measures the left and right spin of the atomic masses to ensure the balance is perfectly in-tune with the body.  This guarantees that the body will recognize the essential oil molecules for cellular receptor acceptance.

The essential oil molecules are tiny, they are just a bit heavier than a gas and are hydrophobic in nature.  Upon inhalation the airborne molecules instantly enter into the major control center of all body systems located in the brain.  Once they are floating around in the bloodstream they immediately head for the lipid bi-layer of each and every one of our trillion cells.  The lipid bi-layer is the only place these amazing molecules can gravitate toward. 

Lipid technology, as in our ORMUS "live" carrier oil, ensures that these airborne molecules will be delivered to the phospholipid layer within the cellular membrane where they do the most good: cleaning off the little antennas, balancing frequencies, getting rid of toxins and initiating the actions needed within the cells.

These results are so immediate, expect nothing less than an instant miracle.

Miracle Oils