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HERBALIGHTONICS has taken the traditional herbal extract to the next level by spiritually translating their vibrational properties.  In this process, these tonics have become emotional and vibrational based Medicine for Co-Creating Heaven on Earth.

The "I Love Myself"  collection of herbal tinctures are here to support those who wish to raise their vibration. Each herb resonates with a divinely inspired affirmation meant to align you with the true nature of your being.  All of the affirmations end with the powerful statement "I love myself" to remind us that self-love is the first step to mastering our own existence.

We are coming into an age of transformation where old ideas about devaluing ourselves are being transcended into the delicious vibrations of loving unconditionally.

The "I Love Myself" collection is here to support those who wish to raise their vibration for the divine purpose of aligning with unconditional love. 


Directions for useAll HERBALIGHTONICS are suitable, in-fact adored, by children and pets. We specialize in non-alcohol herbal extracts. We use the highest quality organic vegetable glycerin. These sweet tonics are ready to use as they are, or they are lovely added to beverages and highly recommended for magical culinary endeavors. For an energetic shift, only one drop is needed. For a physical response use by the dropper-full as your heart desires.  


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Miracle Oils

HERBALIGHTONICS  Miracle Oils are 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils with Ormus-infused grape seed oil.  We use the highest quality ingredients available from sustainable sources. These formulas are lovingly made in small batches to ensure the quality of vibration.

Miracle Oils

Miracle Oils go through a rare test called Molecular Cryptology. It measures the left and right spin of the atomic masses to ensure the balance is perfectly in-tune with the body.  This guarantees that the body will recognize the essential oil molecules for cellular receptor acceptance.

The essential oil molecules are tiny, they are just a bit heavier than a gas and are hydrophobic in nature.  Upon inhalation the airborne molecules instantly enter into the major control center of all body systems located in the brain.  Once they are floating around in the bloodstream they immediately head for the lipid bi-layer of each and every one of our trillion cells.  The lipid bi-layer is the only place these amazing molecules can gravitate toward. 

Lipid technology, as in our ORMUS "live" carrier oil, ensures that these airborne molecules will be delivered to the phospholipid layer within the cellular membrane where they do the most good: cleaning off the little antennas, balancing frequencies, getting rid of toxins and initiating the actions needed within the cells.

These results are so immediate, expect nothing less than an instant miracle.

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Ormus Technology

Miracle Oils are blended with ORMUS-infused grape seed oil. We call this "live" carrier oil.


ORMUS is an acronym for (Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Elements) scientifically known as ORMEs, monotomic gold, white powder gold, AuM and manna.

Ormus is a cluster of minerals that are super conductive by nature, meaning they have an electrical charge. Ormus is naturally occurring all around us. These distinct minerals seem to be woven into the fabric of all living things and appear to be associated with what causes everything to live. It has been found in the morning dew, in the depths of the oceans and in the soils of the earth. However, there is a higher concentration in volcanic soils, glaciers, ancient sea beds and natural mineral springs. It is also found in the human body, especially in the nervous system. 

Our Ormus "live" carrier oil is specially engineered using the highest quality Himalayan salt available. This salt is known to have one of the highest concentrations of Ormus than all other ancient salts.

Our carrier oil ensures that these minerals are being delivered with the electrical nutrients that connect all of the internal communication systems within the body. This explains why our formulas work so quickly.  Ormus contains halogens which improve penetration through the lipid cellular membrane. This is important because most all internal communication is embedded within the cellular membrane. 

These elements possess the secrets of living disease-free because they repair damaged DNA strands and are known in science as the "Light of Life."  


Herblightonics offers a unique variety of  deliciously sweet herbal extracts and 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils with Ormus-infused grape seed oil. With our wide selection you'll be sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Feel free to contact us with any questions 1-800-380-4178  


Herbalightonics are lovingly prepared in small batches according to specific cycles of the moon and auspicious planetary alignment. We only use the highest quality ingredients for all of our products. Everything we use is organic and sustainably sourced.

Herbalightonics Miracle Oils are 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil blends with Ormus-infused grape seed oil. We use the highest quality ingredients available from trusted sustainable sources. These formulas are lovingly made in small batches to ensure the quality of vibration.

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Herbalightonics is a full expression of my passion.  I have developed a system of products and modalities that help me to express my joy and to share it with the world.  Becoming a mother inspired my focus on alcohol-free yummy herbal extracts and invoked my interest in non-invasive essential oil remedies.  I am a certified herbalist and have been trained and certified in many sacred healing arts over the past 20 years.  I have combined all my years of training and listen to my guidance as I am instructed on how to create each tonic.  Co-creating in this way brings me a sense of unconditional love for myself and for all of creation.

Majorie Aukland

"In my quest to feel good I have accumulated a treasure trove of upliftment. It has become a game for me. The object is to find old habits of thought and replace them with better feeling ones. With practice this gets easier and easier and life just keeps getting better and better. Please join us in our fun on this sacred journey of co-creating heaven on earth one better feeling thought at a time."

                        From my heart to yours,

                          Marjorie Auckland


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