Guided Meditation Activations

These sessions are intended to awaken the master healer within you. We use guided meditation as an effective way to activate dormant memories about who you really are, so that you have a better understanding about how you can play a more active role in creating the reality of your choosing. When you are a powerful conscious co-creator there is no need to look outside of yourself for the support that you are looking for. You will be reminded of your innate abilities to tap into your own source of consciousness to access your higher wisdom. 

All of our sessions will begin with a guided grounding meditation. This simply means bringing your awareness back into your body. This process is essential for effective conscious co-creating. When you take time out of your day to ground and center your energy you will notice a difference instantly. You will become present in the moment, clear minded and more able to steer your thoughts in a direction that feels better.

In these activation sessions  we will focus on some basic psychic self-care tools. I find these techniques to be most helpful in maintaining a balanced high frequency state of being. You will learn how to heal your aura which is the energy field that radiates around your body. You will understand the importance of daily clearing and the cutting of energetic cords. I will share how you can clear your home and environment for balance and harmony for you and you loved ones. 

As we continue to work together and these basic concepts become routine we can expand to other areas of interest.