Vibration Training

These sessions are designed to train you into being the master of your own experience. We will unleash the powerful conscious creator within you as we visit the fundamentals of the law of attraction and apply simple concepts immediately. You will learn to live life on purpose and what it means to raise your vibration for the divine purpose of aligning with unconditional love.

In these sessions we will focus on what it is that you do want. Your current life circumstances are irrelevant to this process. We will tap into the power of telling a new story and aligning with it vibrationally so that it can easily manifest into your experience. You will learn about the phenomenon of parallel realities and how you can utilize them easily to make changes in your life seem almost effortless.

During our time together we will identify your mantras and notice how these have been holding current unwanted conditions in place. Mantras are the statements that we repeatedly say to ourselves and to others. In most cases we are completely oblivious on how destructive these seemingly innocent words can be. We will develop new life supporting mantras that will serve you and will propel you into being more of who you want to be.

We will identify outdated behaviors and routines that drain you and keep your energy low. I will share fun easy tricks that have worked for me and for countless others that I have worked with. We will implement new strategies that you can apply throughout your day that will uplift you and inspire happier feeling thoughts.

Once you have this information you will have it forever. You will begin to notice early on when your vibration takes a dip and you will have the tools you need to instantly feel good again. It takes practice to train your vibration but with a little time it gets easier and easier and life just keeps getting better and better.

Please join us on this fun and sacred journey of co-creating heaven on earth one better feeling thought at a time.