It is with pleasure that I offer this service to you. It brings me such joy to interact with people who are interested in raising their vibration. These presentations will give you the opportunity to have a better understanding about our products and to add to your personal collection at the same time.  As host/hostess you will earn in products 10% of all sales transacted during this meeting. You provide the space, people and simple refreshments and I will facilitate the rest. 

This will be a fun and interactive workshop experience. I will be presenting the "I Love Myself" collection of herbal tinctures and the entire line of Miracle Oils infused with Ormus. I will demonstrate the art of dowsing with a pendulum as a fun and easy way to select the perfect combination that resonates with you. As part of this service we provide laminated menus of all our products, pendulums for everyone to play with and a practitioners guide that includes in depth descriptions of all of our products.

I will discuss the nature of Ormus and why it can be useful in navigating life during these exciting and accelerated times. I will demonstrate a simple technique about how you can experience Ormus on a daily basis. Starter kits will be available for purchase and I'll include free samples for all attendees.

The presentation format will be unique to each group. I love to incorporate ceremony when appropriate so consider a presentation at your next full moon circle or blessing way.  Whatever the theme may be, I am available to meet your highest expectations.