I have been trained and certified in many sacred healing arts over the past 20 years.  To be honest, now that I look back, this path I'm on started as a baby.  I have memories of my dad passing me around the room telling all his friends and anyone who would listen that if they hugged me,  all of their troubles would melt away.  I remember feeling a stirring of energy in my chest that can hardly be explained, but even then I knew that something special was happening. 

In high school I delved deep in the mystic study of Astrology, instead of algebra hahaha.  When I moved away from home at the ripe age of 19, I found myself (literally) in the highest reach of Northern California where the Trinity and the Klammoth Rivers meet. For the first time in my life I was completely surrounded by nature and the inner voice I call my guidance was once again accessible to me. It was then that my love for plants was rekindled. After a year of living the mountain life we moved to town and I attended Dandelion Herbal Center in 1996. I took all the classes they offered and devoured all the information. I received my first certification and knew that I was hooked for life. 

It was during these classes that I was introduced to Plant Spirit Medicine. We learned a technique to tune into the plants energy field and to communicate with the Deva of the plant. This intrigued me to no end. I found I had a natural ability to connect and receive easily. My love grew. We learned about flower essences and that plants have a living energy field that can be utilized for healing emotional imbalance. This opened up a whole new world for me.

I went to college and almost completed my AA when I got pregnant with my first child. As it turned out no one on earth could have prepared me for what was to come next. Child birth was not easy for me. I have the utmost respect for modern day medicine and only wish that I had had a c-section. My baby got stuck in my birth canal and to make a long story short, his right arm/hand was completely paralyzed. We knew his birth was a miracle not only because he made it out alive, but he had absolutely 0% brain damage. This mystified all the doctors and nurses because this baby should have been impaired. There was absolutely no explanation. I knew though, deep down I knew. 

It was this experience that sent me on my quest. There was no stopping me. I started seeing a counselor who turned out to be a major role model for me. She mentored me in the way of energy medicine. I applied everything I learned on my son, and again and again we amazed and mystified the doctors. I became a Reiki Master, hands on and long distance healing.