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Alignment physically aligns the neck, spine, hips, wrists, knees, ankles as well as aligns you to your highest purpose. Alignment was originally created as an anointing oil.

The frequency of these oils combined stimulate masses of neuron networks throughout the cerebral cortex increasing the electrical currents in the brain from 28 up to 40-70 hz, known as high beta or gamma brain waves.  The increased internal electrical current creates a higher, stronger magnetic field projection. The cerebral cortex interacts directly with the central nervous system and incorporates many complex brain functions simultaneously such as memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thoughts, language, and consciousness.




Body-Apply 3 drops to the back of the neck, bottom of spine or anywhere that is in pain and/or out of alignment. Intensifies therapeutic touch and assists to align the spine.  Works with any type of application, body lotion, gel, massage oil or in the bath, wear as a daily perfume.


Foot- Apply drops to the bottom of the feet.


Nose- Wear drops under the nose.

Alignment Miracle Oil