Well Rested Miracle Oil

Well Rested Miracle Oil

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This is a combination of Blends:

Deep Sleep-These oils combined will induce a deep sleep quickly and you will wake refreshed without morning drowsiness. Use Deep Sleep with Emovere to remove emotional trauma stored in memory.  Deep Sleep will stimulate the higher midbrain and forbrain, producing rapid eye movements (REM). The same structures that induce REM sleep also generate sensory information. This formula has been working wonders for balancing any type of cycle system such as: menstruation cycles, helps with jet lag and time changes and manic depression cycles.  Use it if children wake up from nightmares to help them calm down and get back to sleep.

Sweet Dreams-Sweet Dreams essential oil formula has a soft aroma that relaxes you into a deeper dream state.  The combination of cedarwood, coriander, pine, spruce, bergamot, tangerine, lime, black pepper, yarrow and spikenard protects you from the impact of negative dreams and assists the body/mind with releasing the lower negative vibrations collected throughout the day.  This formula provides the grounding and clarity needed to cut through the congested clutter stored in memory as the body/mind releases useless information that is no longer serving you

Emovere-Emovere is the Latin word for “emotions in motion”.  This formula was created to release stuck emotions.  This extraordinary blend will induce a feeling of extreme upliftment as you are carried high above all past emotions that held you down before. Upon inhalation the first region in the brain stimulated is the amygdala, which is involved with memory consolidation and emotional reactions.  This combination of oils is very high in sesquiterpenes and they will clean out the clutter and clam the mind and body.  Using Emovere during your sleep time will consist of clearing old useless information that is not relevant to your life anymore.  Emovere is a perfect anointing to put ‘emotions in motion’ that need to be released. It will release the stress hormones related to all past unforgiveness stored up as stuck energy in the mind and body.

All three blends together induces a state of rest that is true peace during sleep state.

Make this the last step in your bedtime routine. As you lay yourself down to rest it is helpful to remind yourself of all the things/people/places etc that you are grateful for. Example would be, thank you for my soft pillow,  thank you for my comfortable bed, thank you for the fresh water that I get to drink, thank you for..... and the list goes on and on and on. When you fall asleep in a state of appreciation, you wake up in a state of appreciation, feeling well rested and ready to have an amazing productive day.

Well Rested Miracle Oil