Ormus Technology

Miracle Oils are blended with ORMUS-infused grape seed oil. We call this "live" carrier oil.


ORMUS is an acronym for (Orbitally Rearranged Monotomic Elements) scientifically known as ORMEs, monotomic gold, white powder gold, AuM and manna.

Ormus is a cluster of minerals that are super conductive by nature, meaning they have an electrical charge. Ormus is naturally occurring all around us. These distinct minerals seem to be woven into the fabric of all living things and appear to be associated with what causes everything to live. It has been found in the morning dew, in the depths of the oceans and in the soils of the earth. However, there is a higher concentration in volcanic soils, glaciers, ancient sea beds and natural mineral springs. It is also found in the human body, especially in the nervous system. 

Our Ormus "live" carrier oil is specially engineered using the highest quality Himalayan salt available. This salt is known to have one of the highest concentrations of Ormus than all other ancient salts.

Our carrier oil ensures that these minerals are being delivered with the electrical nutrients that connect all of the internal communication systems within the body. This explains why our formulas work so quickly.  Ormus contains halogens which improve penetration through the lipid cellular membrane. This is important because most all internal communication is embedded within the cellular membrane. 

These elements possess the secrets of living disease-free because they repair damaged DNA strands and are known in science as the "Light of Life."