Herbalightonics Miracle Oils are specifically handcrafted using the finest Himalayan Salt. Himalayan Salt is known to have the highest concentration of Ormus compared to all other ancient salts.

Ormus is a cluster of naturally occurring minerals with super-conductive properties. These distinct minerals have been found in the fabric of all living things and are believed to be a foundational constituent of life. Ormus has been detected in the morning dew, in the depths of the oceans, in the soil of the earth, and within the human body, particularly the nervous system.

Our unique formulas deliver quick and effective results. The Ormus- infused grapeseed oil ensures that these super-conductive minerals are  being dispersed with their electrical nutrients intact, to the cellular communication systems within the body.

All of our divinely inspired products are lovingly prepared in small batches while in a state of prayer, calling upon Grace and Unconditional Love to be included as ingredients in each and every drop.

The vibration of these extraordinary oils are assisting those who are consciously participating in their ascension process. Our solar system is rapidly moving into a highly charged photon region of space. This electromagnetic energy is facilitating a divine shift in consciousness by activating and upgrading our DNA encodements at an accelerated rate. This phenomenon is bringing light to all of humanities unconscious programming and outdated belief systems to be identified and cleared.

Stating positive affirmations with pure intention, followed by direct action, creates the foundation to install new programs that compliment and activate our souls’ purpose.

Use HerbaLighTonics Miracle Oils with conviction and intention to accentuate well-being, replenish inspiration, and to actualize your human potential.

We invite you to experience an Instant Shift within your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as you gently inhale infinite possibilities.

Together, we are co-Creating Heaven on Earth one better feeling at a time.